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Introducing the Luffbar TT9000 - The Ultimate Disposable Vape Experience Are you searching for a disposable vape that delivers an unparalleled vaping experience? Look no further than the cutting-edge Luffbar TT9000. With its impressive 9000 puff count, 18mL e-liquid capacity, and an array of mouthwatering flavors, the TT9000 is sure to elevate your vaping game to new heights.

Design and Features

The Luffbar TT9000 boasts a sleek and ergonomic design, wrapped in a unique fabric speaker material that not only looks stylish but also provides a comfortable grip. This disposable vape packs a punch with its advanced dual mesh coil system, ensuring efficient e-liquid vaporization and consistently flavorful puffs. One of the standout features of the TT9000 is its digital display screen, which lets you keep track of your battery and e-liquid levels with ease. No more guesswork or unpleasant surprises – you'll always know exactly where you stand.

Flavor Exploration

Prepare your taste buds for a flavor adventure like no other! The Luffbar TT9000 offers a diverse range of tantalizing e-liquid flavors, each one more delectable than the last. From invigorating menthols to luscious fruits and everything in between, there's something to satisfy every palate.

Alaska Ice

Embrace the crisp, icy chill of Alaska Ice, a refreshing blend of cool menthol and frosty undertones that will leave you feeling revitalized with every puff. Perfect for those seeking a brisk and invigorating vaping experience.

Banana Candy

Indulge in the sweet and nostalgic flavors of Banana Candy, a delightful combination of ripe bananas and sugary confectionery notes that will transport you back to your childhood. A true treat for your taste buds!

Blue Razz Ice

Experience a burst of tangy blue raspberry goodness with Blue Razz Ice, a flavor that seamlessly blends the tartness of blue raspberries with an icy menthol kick. Prepare for a mouthwatering sensation that's both refreshing and satisfying.

Cactus Lime

Pucker up and savor the zesty and vibrant flavors of Cactus Lime, a perfect fusion of tart lime and subtle cactus notes that will awaken your senses with every inhale. A truly unique and refreshing vaping experience.


Sometimes, simplicity is key. The Clear flavor from Luffbar TT9000 offers a clean and crisp vaping experience, allowing you to appreciate the pure essence of the e-liquid without any added flavors. A great option for those who prefer a more subtle taste.

Strawberry Ice

Delight in the luscious sweetness of ripe strawberries infused with an icy menthol twist in the Strawberry Ice flavor. This delectable combination will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more with every satisfying puff.

Wild Berry Blast

Prepare for a wild and fruity explosion with Wild Berry Blast, a medley of vibrant berry flavors that will transport you to a lush, sun-drenched orchard. This flavor is sure to become an instant favorite for fruit lovers.

Cool Mint

Experience a refreshing burst of coolness with Cool Mint, a timeless flavor that combines the invigorating taste of peppermint with a subtle sweetness. Whether you're seeking a refreshing vape break or a soothing menthol kick, Cool Mint has got you covered.

Peach Ice

Indulge in the luscious and juicy flavors of ripe peaches infused with an icy menthol twist in the Peach Ice flavor. This heavenly combination will transport your taste buds to a sun-drenched orchard, leaving you craving more with every satisfying puff.


Embrace the crisp and invigorating flavors of Spearmint, a classic blend of refreshing mint that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling revitalized with every puff. Perfect for those seeking a cool and minty vaping experience.

Strawberry Watermelon

Savor the delightful fusion of sweet strawberries and juicy watermelon in the Strawberry Watermelon flavor. This mouthwatering combination will transport you to a sunny picnic, where the flavors of summer come alive with every inhale.

Watermelon Ice

Quench your thirst with the revitalizing Watermelon Ice flavor, a harmonious blend of juicy watermelon and icy menthol notes that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Perfect for those hot summer days or whenever you need a burst of coolness.

Long-Lasting Performance

With the Luffbar TT9000, you can bid farewell to the frustration of constantly refilling or replacing your disposable vape. This powerhouse device is designed to deliver an impressive 9000 puffs, ensuring a long-lasting and incredibly satisfying vaping experience.

User-Friendly and Convenient

The Luffbar TT9000 is a true game-changer in terms of convenience and ease of use. As a disposable vape, it eliminates the need for complicated setups, messy refills, or maintenance. Simply take it out of the package, and you're ready to indulge in a seamless vaping experience from the very first puff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Luffbar TT9000 disposable vape online?

The Luffbar TT9000 is available for purchase from reputable online vape stores and retailers. Always ensure that you buy from authorized and trusted sources to ensure the authenticity and quality of the product.

How long does the Luffbar TT9000 last?

With its impressive 9000 puff count and 18mL e-liquid capacity, the Luffbar TT9000 can last for an extended period, making it an excellent choice for frequent vapers or those on-the-go.

Can I recharge or refill the Luffbar TT9000?

No, the Luffbar TT9000 is a disposable vape device, which means it cannot be recharged or refilled. Once the e-liquid or battery is depleted, it should be properly disposed of and replaced with a new device.

Does the Luffbar TT9000 require any maintenance?

No, the Luffbar TT9000 does not require any maintenance. As a disposable vape, it is designed for hassle-free use right out of the package.

Are there any safety features in the Luffbar TT9000?

Yes, the Luffbar TT9000 features several safety measures, including over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, and low battery voltage protection, ensuring a safe and reliable vaping experience.

How do I dispose of the Luffbar TT9000 responsibly?

Once you have finished using the Luffbar TT9000, it's essential to dispose of it properly. Check with your local waste management authorities for guidelines on how to safely discard used vape devices and batteries.

Are there any age restrictions for purchasing the Luffbar TT9000?

Yes, there are age restrictions for purchasing the Luffbar TT9000 and other vape products. You must be of legal smoking age (typically 21 years or older) in your jurisdiction to purchase and use these products.


  • Approx. ~ 9000 Puffs
  • Pre-Filled 18ml Tank
  • Smart Power Screen Display Window
  • Battery Screen Indicator
  • E-Liquid Screen Indicator
  • Auto-Draw: Standard Mode
  • Turbo-Hit: Boost Mode, More Power
  • On/Off Switch
  • Fabric Speaker Material Wrap
  • Advanced Duel Mesh Coils
  • Light Weight & Portable
  • Disposable Design - Draw Activated
  • USB Type-C Rechargeable
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Rechargeable 650mAh Built-In Battery
  • Hand-Held Palm Design 
  • 50mg / 5% Salt Nicotine
  • Anti Leak Technology