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Introducing The All New  POD POCKET 7500 PUFF DISPOSABLE VAPE DEVICE, Powered by one of the most known E-Liquid manufacturers on the market, Pod Juice. The Pod Pocket 7500 is packed with high pods and tech, outperforming other  on the market. The Pod Pocket 7500 is a spot-on to its name extremely convenient pod with a hand-held small and slim design that is smooth to the touch. Also, a nice bonus it features a 3-level battery Indicator light that will let you know your battery status and when you need to give it a quick recharge. The Pod Pocket holds a 10ml tank pre-filled with 5%/50mg high-quality Pod Juice Salt Nicotine that will deliver approximately 7500+ pod of unbelievably smooth flavor, that is all powered by durable mesh coils and a 650mAh Battery. Integrating all these new awesome features allows you the user to have a hassle-free vaping experience. Available in 14+ Flavors. Be The first: To try it only at ktcvapes

    • Approx. ~ 7500 Puffs
    • Anti Leak Technology
    • Viewable Liquid Window
    • Zero Maintenance Required
    • 550mAh Rechargeable Built In Battery
    • hand-Held Compact Small and Lightweight
    • Pre-Filled 8ml Tank
    • 5%/50mg Filled by VGOD Salt Nic Labs
    • Waterproof And Sealed
    • 10+ Flavors
    • 98mm ~ 4 Inches


    • Crisp Apple - Crisp Green Apples
    • Cubano - Cuban Blend
    • Dry Tobacco - Robust American Tobacco
    • Iced Apple Bomb - Crisp Green Apples | Menthol
    • Iced Berry Bomb - Berry Blast | Menthol
    • Iced Mango Bomb - Ripe Mangos | Menthol
    • Iced Purple Bomb - Grapes | Menthol
    • Lush Ice - Watermelon | Menthol
    • Mighty Mint - Icy Mint | Menthol
    • Tropical Mango - Tropical Mango Blast