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OXBAR MAGIC MAZE PRO 10000 PUFFS Disposable Vape

Embark on a thrilling journey of flavor with the OXBAR MAGIC MAZE PRO 10000 PUFFS, a revolutionary disposable vape that offers an unparalleled vaping experience. With an impressive 10000 puffs per device and a diverse array of tantalizing flavors, the MAGIC MAZE PRO is your ultimate companion for satisfying your cravings and indulging in a world of delightful tastes. Let's explore the enchanting flavors that await you.

Fruit Paradise

Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with the Fruit Paradise flavor. This heavenly blend combines the succulent sweetness of ripe mangoes, the refreshing zest of pineapples, and the luscious depth of passion fruit. Each puff is a burst of exotic fruitiness that will invigorate your senses and leave you craving more. Whether you're lounging on a sun-kissed beach or seeking a momentary escape from the daily grind, Fruit Paradise is your ticket to pure bliss.

Rainbow Blast

Experience a kaleidoscope of flavors with the Rainbow Blast. This vibrant and playful flavor combines a medley of fruity notes, including juicy berries, tangy citrus, and sweet melons. The result is a lively and refreshing vape that captures the essence of a colorful rainbow. With each puff, you'll find yourself immersed in a whimsical world of flavor that dances on your taste buds and elevates your vaping experience to new heights.

Splash Bros Lemonade

Prepare to be refreshed and invigorated with the Splash Bros Lemonade flavor. This zesty and tangy blend perfectly captures the essence of a classic lemonade, with a twist. The bright and citrusy notes of freshly squeezed lemons are balanced by a subtle sweetness, creating a harmonious and thirst-quenching vape. Whether you're looking to cool down on a hot summer day or simply indulge in a refreshing break, Splash Bros Lemonade has you covered.

Watermelon Remix Ice

Dive into the depths of flavor with the Watermelon Remix Ice. This invigorating blend combines the crisp and juicy sweetness of ripe watermelons with a cool and refreshing menthol kick. The result is a vape that is both fruity and invigorating, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and iciness. Each puff is like taking a bite out of a chilled slice of watermelon on a scorching day, providing an instant burst of refreshment and satisfaction.

Pod Juice x OXBAR Bubble Melon

Indulge in a nostalgic and delightful flavor with the Pod Juice x OXBAR Bubble Melon collaboration. This unique blend combines the sweet and juicy notes of ripe melons with a playful twist of bubblegum. The result is a vape that transports you back to your childhood, evoking memories of carefree summer days and the joy of blowing bubbles. 

Pod Juice x OXBAR - Fruity Pebz

Embark on a nostalgic flavor adventure with the Pod Juice x OXBAR Fruity Pebz collaboration. This delightful blend captures the essence of the iconic fruity cereal, bringing back fond memories of Saturday mornings spent enjoying bowls of colorful pebble-shaped cereal. 

Pod Juice x OXBAR - Clear Emerald

Discover the allure of the Pod Juice x OXBAR Clear Emerald flavor. This enchanting blend combines the crisp and refreshing notes of cucumber with a hint of cool mint, creating a vape that is both invigorating and soothing. 

Pod Juice x OXBAR - Clear Jewel

Indulge in the mesmerizing charm of the Pod Juice x OXBAR Clear Jewel flavor. This exquisite blend combines the delicate sweetness of ripe pears with a touch of honeydew melon, creating a vape that is both sophisticated and refreshing.

Check out the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10000 Disposable, featuring 18mL of prefilled capacity, 50mg nicotine strength, and delivers a flavorful 10000 puffs.  With some flavors fueled by deliciously crafted Pod Juice E-Liquid, the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro delivers exceptional performance with a 1.0ohm Mesh Coil, delivering ample vapor and flavor from the 18mL prefilled capacity. Adopting an adjustable airflow control system, the user can carefully control the desired rate of airflow to produce relaxing clouds of vapor. Displaying remaining battery charge and eJuice fill levels via the display screen, the OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K collaboration creates a tongue-pleasing disposable that will excite the taste buds.

OXBAR Magic Maze Pro 10K Disposable Features:
• Prefilled Capacity: 18mL
• Battery Capacity: 650mAh
• Max Puffs: 10000
• Nicotine Strength: 5% (50mg)
• Operation: Draw-Activated
• Adjustable Wattage: 11-15W
• Heating Element: 1.0ohm Mesh Coil
• Charging: Type-C Port
• Adjustable Airflow
• Battery / E-Liquid Display Screen

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